Getting recognized for brain power


Amanda O’Drobinak (12) holds up her University of Chicago shirt she won in a raffle. For the raffle, people had to search under their chairs for slips of paper.

Brittany Rabatine, Author

The Academic Letterwinners Club held its annual dinner at the St. Maria Goretti banquet hall in Dyer on April 8. The event was held to recognize those students who maintained a 3.9 GPA or higher.

“[Academic Letterwinners Club] is how students get their chevrons or the letters or the numerals or the academic letters for their letterman jackets. If you see students in the hallways with the gold ones, that’s the students being recognized here,” Mrs. Aubria Cichocki, Math, said.

At the banquet, students were presented with their certificate and for some a plaque with their names and their accomplishment.

“We have so many students who work so hard to achieve a high GPA. We also have a lot of students who work very hard and don’t get the 3.9 GPA or higher, but this is just a nice way to recognize students who do work very hard to obtain that GPA and give them that recognition that they deserve,” Mrs. Brynn Denton, Counselor, said.

Mrs. Sandra Hobbs, Arts, also attended with two of her choir groups. The Trebelaires and Counterpoints sang before the awards were handed out, which helped create a lighter atmosphere.

“[The banquet is] supposed to be nice, but it’s also very laid back. There’s not a lot of pressure here. We’ve all come this far, and now it’s just [a] thank you for getting this far,” Jennifer Popiela (12) said.