Socializing in silence


Katherine Veronesi (10), Rachel Streck (10), Diana Bolanos (10) and Erica Guevara (10) gather around Miss Rebekah Lamb, West Lake, as she shows them an online sign language resource. Veronesi, Streck, Bolanos and Guevara played a game to practice fingerspelling while visiting the website.

Candace Jarzombek, Author

The American Sign Language Club held a meeting after school on April 13. Miss Rebekah Lamb, West Lake, showed the group online resources for learning sign language and taught them new signs.

“We’ve been learning basic things like the alphabet, how to say your name, colors, days of the week [and] just basic stuff. I like learning a different language and how to express myself by a different way, by my hands instead of through speech,” Katherine Veronesi (10) said.

Miss Lamb helped start the club to spread awareness of ASL and share her love of it.

“I love teaching ASL. It’s definitely one of my favorite things to do. I just love the look of understanding when kids learn something new and different,” Miss Lamb said.

Although the club began their weekly meetings at the beginning of the school year, new members are always welcome.

“I don’t have any major overall goals of what [the students] should learn, I just want them to learn as much sign as they individually are able to learn. You learn at your own pace, what you learn is what you learn,” Miss Lamb said.

The group meets every Monday in the library after school until 3:00.