Magic happens at Senior Banquet


Nathan Zajac (12), dressed as Napoleon Dynamite, dances in front of the class of 2015. Zajac performed the original dance from Napoleon Dynamite.

Emma DeGroot, Author

The senior class celebrated on April 17th at Villa Cesare during Senior Banquet.

The students had fun dancing and hanging out with friends while wearing themed costumes.

“My favorite part about Senior Banquet was doing the dance [that went with my Napoleon Dynamite costume],” Nathan Zajac (12) said.

Seniors were allowed to wear whatever costume they wanted but it couldn’t go against the regular school policy. Zajac (12) won “Best Costume” at the banquet.

“I was inspired by my friend [Quinn Paprocki (12)]. I called him up and I was like, ‘Hey dude, I was heard you’re having a ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ group, and I was thinking that I could go as Napoleon Dynamite.’ Originally, he was going to go as Napoleon, but then he decided he would be a better Kip. I went as Napoleon because I’m taller and I looked better,” Zajac said.

The banquet was a way for the seniors to have a fun night with their fellow peers. The class of 2015 will be excited yet scared to graduate May 28.