Haunted House Draws a “Scary” Amount of People


There is nothing bad to say about the Lake Hills Haunted House this year, considering they are one of the most recent additions to the “Chicago Haunted Houses” website. It received a 10-out-of-10 rating, and was placed 8 out of 92.

“Friends of mine recommended that I join in on working here. This is my second year at the haunt,” Mary Pellegrini (Class of ’11) said.

Not only is the haunt fun and attractive enough to bring previous workers back for another year or two, but it also definitely draws a great amount of people.

“We usually draw around 3 to 400 people a night. The biggest night we have had was around 500 people,” Pellegrini said.

With the amount of people attending, there has to be a fair amount of volunteers working the haunted house so as to provide a scare for the masses.

“There are usually 30 to 35 people working in the house at a time,” Pellegrini said.

After all of the preparation that is done in order to accommodate all of these people, there is some fun to be had.

“Seeing people’s reactions from the scare and the people I work with are the best parts of volunteering at the haunt,” Pellegrini said.

In the end, the Lake Hills Haunted House was a success, drawing in more people than expected, and providing a great time for volunteers and patrons alike.