Athletes Swim to Win

Rachel Dobias and lakecentralnews

Students and staff may find more than just the swim team taking a dip in the pool throughout the school year.
“The Boys Football team and the Girls Cross Country as well as Boys Basketball use the pool,” Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Halterman said.
The teams use the pool for strength training, as well as to get a break from their usual forms of conditioning.
“The purpose of the aqua therapy is to have the players go through some of their stretching exercises that they normally would before a practice or game in the water,” Halterman said.
The pool also acts as a form of therapy to soothe sore muscles or minor injuries for the football team, which meets on Saturdays to review game films and do some aqua therapy.
“This helps the players recover better and helps loosen up stiff and sore muscles. The water acts as a massaging agent to help relax the muscles,” Halterman said.
The Girls Cross Country team uses the pool as an alternative to running.
“The water training helps take the stress off of the legs so that they are not being constantly pounded by the running,” Halterman said.
The Boys Basketball team uses the pool not only for training but to give the swim team an opportunity to try an alternative type of conditioning.
“The Boys Basketball team uses it occasionally when the swim team may want to use the basketball court for some dry land training,” Halterman said.
The Girls Cross Country and Boys Basketball teams can be found in the pool before or after school (depending on the day), and the football team generally uses the pool on Saturdays.