How to have a popping Prom


Go vintage for formal events, even prom. Here from (Re)Fresh in St. Louis, Mo. (Emily Rasinski/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT)

Brittany Rabatine, Author

For most people, Prom only comes once a year and with it comes a lot of pressure to make the night perfect. Whether you’re going with a group of friends, a date or as a party of one, here are some tips to help make the night memorable.

1. Dress up, but remember comfort. Ladies, don’t wear those heels that are cute but make it impossible to walk and that dress that looks great, but you’ll be hoisting up all night long. Gentlemen, don’t decide that Prom night is the night for that snazzy suede jacket that you’ll roast in or that Prom night is the best night to break in your brand new dancing shoes. It is possible to be comfortable while looking good, a balance just needs to be found.

2. Plan ahead for the big night. Now at this point it’s a bit late to be searching for the perfect dress or suit, but there is still some time left for making hair appointments and nail appointments. Appointment spots tend to fill up quickly, so make those as soon as possible. It is best to get nails done the night before Prom so the polish has time to set and there’s no worrying about getting it on your clothes or smudging it.

3. Make plans with friends. It’s nice to meet up with friends before and during Prom for pictures together, but the party can continue by heading out to a restaurant such as Chili’s for dinner or the Omelette House for breakfast the following morning. All of these plans need to be discussed ahead of time so nobody gets left out.

4. Just have fun. Prom is, for most, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Enjoy it. If a girl is wearing the same dress as you, don’t get upset about it. Try taking a selfie with her instead with #BestDressed. This is a night to make memories, so let’s try to make them good ones.