Advanced Drama Class Supports Anti-Bullying


Michael Daniels and lakecentralnews

Our Advanced Drama Class was recently asked by the Bully Police Squad to perform instances of bullying that could be found in any school. This organization was founded by Karen E. Wojcikowski in order to educate schools, teachers, parents and students about bullying and the destruction it causes. Wojcikowski is a former police officer employed by the city of Chicago.
Alexandra Dumezich (12) wrote the script for the performance given by our students.
“We tried to show as many aspects of bullying as we could,” Dumezich said.
Many students have witnessed or been the victims of bullying sometime during their academic careers. Some performers found a deeper meaning in this presentation.
Zac Buntin (10) acted as the narrator for each of the bullying skits performed at this assembly.
“I felt honored to be asked to perform a skit on bullying. I thought the performance was very important. It gave people a look into what actually goes on in schools today,” Buntin said.
The actors also have powerful opinions about the subject of bullying.
“I feel very strongly about bullying, probably because I have been victim to it many times before,” Buntin said.