Prospects of the Year

Nicole Shields and lakecentralnews

Basketball players are raring to go, and Coach Dave Milausnic has big expectations for his players.

“It’s a week before the basketball season and everyone is anxious to get started,” Milausnic said.

Milausnic is very proud with how conditioning is going and how the players are performing.

“I look for players that take accountability of their preparation and performance, as well as bringing a diverse amount of skills to the table,” Milausnic said.

It looks like this year’s team will be an improvement from last year’s team.

“The last year’s team was very inexperienced, and most kids on the team this year will have had many minutes under their belt,” Milausnic said.

There is much diversity between the grades on the varsity team this year.

“This year’s goal is to win the Duneland Conference and Sectional Championship,” Milausnic said.