Lights shine for freshmen shows


Claire Kijewski (9), Timothy Bakas (9), and Alexa Spasevski (9) sit as they express their inner feelings towards the events of World War II. The characters each gave a different insight into those affected by the war.

Brittany Rabatine, Author

The Freshmen Shows were showcased on 4/30-5/1 at 7 p.m.  in the LGI Room. The shows featured only freshmen actors.

“This is my first show at LC. Outside of LC, I’ve only done one show before that and that was in middle school last year. I’ve always found it cool, but where I used to live there’s not really anything to do. There’s no program for theater, so now that I moved here, I’m really excited,” Sophia Boeckstigel (9) said.

The shows broke the mold of usual freshmen plays by featuring a completely silent show and a show set in Nazi Germany during World War 2.

“Working with [the freshmen] is a little difficult because I don’t think they’ve ever really tried anything like this. As a director it’s [my] job to train them and teach them the ways of theater, and I thought doing the [silent] show for them would help them learn to be more expressive,” Hannah Scherer (12) said.

The freshmen learn the workings of theater from their peers, working towards the perfection of their one-act plays.

“The freshmen plays are an opportunity for upperclassmen to experience directing and freshmen to experience acting and technician roles with no competition from upperclassmen. It empowers the students and gives them experiences they might not have otherwise,” Mrs. Pam Neth, English, said.