Fall Break Frustration

Marlo Owczarzak and lakecentralnews

When monsters run the streets and cries of “trick-or-treat” ring through the crisp October air, you know that Halloween has begun.

“My favorite part about Halloween is the tradition that me and my family have,” Jessica Gonzalez (11) said.

LC’s Fall Break was not during Halloween this year, even though some people feel that it should have been.

“If Halloween was over fall break, once the kids got back to school, Halloween would have been over, and the teachers would not have to deal with
all of the excitement,” Amy Rogers, a reading specialist at Homan Elementary School, said.

Since Halloween was on a Monday this year, Fall Break could have possibly been a Monday and Tuesday.

“I know that the school schedule’s breaks at least a year in advance,” Mrs. Angela Ohlenkamp, Mathematics, said, “but a Monday and Tuesday break would have been easier.”

Do you think that the Lake Central School Corporation should plan fall break around Halloween?