Dollars for Scholars plans new ideas for next year


Dollars for Scholars members voice their opinion about next year’s Homecoming dance. Dollars for Scholars has provided students with scholarships in past years.

Ruth Chen, Author

Wednesday, May 20, Dollars for Scholars wrapped up its last student meeting with fresh ideas for next year.

Because of the decline in participation in previous homecoming dances, DFS decided to amp up participation by implementing a new idea in next year’s dance.

“The main goal of today’s meeting was to talk about details for next year’s Homecoming dance because Lake Central is taking over the Homecoming dance next year and making it more semi-formal,” Miss Ashley Kline, Guidance, said.

The new dance will not only increase participation, but will also create a new fund for scholarships.

“With the money that we earn from the Homecoming dance, we will put that money towards student scholarships, so it will help a lot more students in the end,” Miss Kline said.

Dollars for Scholars distributed over $66,000 in scholarships this year, but this achievement is only one of the many.

“This is my first year taking over the club. Overall, I think it went really well. Our participation was great. We had awesome volunteering opportunities this year, and the Grand March, which  Dollars for Scholars is in charge of, was awesome,” Miss Kline said.