Student tweet spotlight


Abigail Keith (12) posts a tweet. Keith’s tweet received 32 ‘favorites’ within 19 hours.

Shannon Hearne, Author

Social media is a huge factor in many teenage lives today, especially Twitter, which allows users to micro-blog. This application allows users to to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets.”

“Twitter is a great place to get your ideas, anger and puns out. I complain on Twitter a lot,” Abigail Keith (12) said.

Most Twitter users choose to post updates on their individual lives, while some choose to focus on more pressing issues that affect the greater majority.  In one part of her tweet, Keith mentioned how she would alter matrix hour to benefit more students.

“Matrix not only takes away a class, but uses that time to create additional stress for the classes [on your schedule]. So why not, instead, relieve that stress with dogs? I really love dogs. You never look at a big fluffy puppy and think, ‘Dang, I gotta up my GPA.’ You are just overcome with bliss. Dogs are so rad. The puppy initiative would help make the school day less ‘ruff’ for all of us,” Keith said.

Another part of Keith’s quote addressed freshmen. While underclassmen are not typically viewed as a pertinent issue, some upperclassmen seem to believe that they are inept at following the flow of traffic during passing periods.

“The freshman hallway situation makes passing periods bad for everyone. These poor [underclassmen] are in a new school and have no idea how to navigate. [As a solution,] we should get them an ‘intro to hallways’ guide so they know the ground rules. One, walk on the right side [of the hallway]. Two, act like there is turning lanes. Three, never stop in the middle of a crowd. Four, don’t [show public affection] in the middle of traffic, ” Keith said.

The last issue that Keith addressed in her message was entertainment during passing periods.

“Music in the hallways [would help] cheer everyone up. I remember freshman year, in the old school, where everyone was always singing or dancing. [I would play] ‘Push It to the Limit’,”  Keith said.
For more witty tweets by Keith, follow her on Twitter @abbynotabigail.