An eagerness to help


Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English, summarizes what the year for N-Teens will look like. In past years, N-Teens volunteered in a variety of activities.

Ruth Chen

N-Teens is a club that embodies helping others. With a zeal to help others, N-Teens kicked off their first meeting of the year on Tuesday, Aug. 25.

“This year I really want to make sure that our community knows us with the amount of volunteering that we’re doing. In the past, we’ve gotten complimented from a couple different groups that have really been excited with our participation, and I want to continue that,” Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English, said.

Because of the wide array of activities that N-Teens does, each member can find their own niche in what they like to volunteer.

“[N-Teens members] obviously do a lot of volunteering. I know of a lot of kids that love animals that are doing a lot with the animal shelters. We tend to be involved with a lot of stuff that goes on at the [Lake County] fairgrounds, different stuff in races [and] festivals,” Mrs. Becich said.

For some, the simple satisfaction that comes from helping others drives them to continue in the club.

“I really love volunteering and helping people out. I feel like [N-Teens] is one of the best clubs at LC. I just like reaching out to people,” Dianne Cometa (11) said.

Any student that wishes to quench their thirst in helping others is welcome to join N-Teens.

“Anybody that’s willing to put in some time, anybody that wants to become a more active member of the community, anybody that wants to meet some new people, would be a great fit [for N-Teens],” Mrs. Becich said.

Students interested in joining N-teens can see Mrs. Becich in C114.