Fantasy football kicks-off a new season


Jacob Zak (11) edits his team roster before his week one competition. Zak faced his friend Anthony Mejia (11) on ESPN’s fantasy league.

Stefan Krajisnik, Author

With week one of the NFL Season nearly in the books, a fresh fantasy football season is officially underway.  

“[Fantasy football] definitely gets me excited for football season because even before the season starts we have our fantasy draft and we get hyped for what’s to come,” Jacob Zak (11) said.

Fantasy football is a competition in which participants select imaginary teams from the players in a league and score points according to the actual performance of their players.

“You get a team put together of real players through a draft, and get a certain amount of points for each thing [the players] do. [For example] there’s [points-per-reception] where you get a point for each catch, a point for every 10 rushing yards and a point for every 25 passing yards,” Zak said.

Fantasy Football has increased many people’s interest in football.

“It’s more fun [when you play fantasy football] because you care more about teams and players you normally wouldn’t care much for,” Evan Leatherman (11) said.

Zak and Leatherman both participate in two leagues each with different groups of friends, and even put money up for stakes to add a little more competition and excitement.

The fantasy season extends until the end of the NFL Regular Season which concludes on Jan. 3.