Paranormal Activity 3

Kate Toth and lakecentralnews

 Paranormal Activity 3 feeds into the horror-crazed phenomenon of today’s generation. It premiered on October 21, just in time for Halloween.

“The movie was terrifying,” Megan Behrens (11) said.

Filled with the supernatural, it was the perfect movie to see on Halloween.

“[Paranormal Activity 3] makes you jump,” Nicole Stanek (11), who saw the movie with her boyfriend on Halloween night, said.

Those who previously saw Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2 were enticed to see the third movie in hopes of being spooked again.

“I would [recommend this movie]. It was really scary and better than the first two,” Behrens said.

Some people are afraid of the supernatural, and the excitement of being frightened by paranormal phenomena entices them to see such a movie.

“Ghosts terrify me,” Behrens said.

Filled with suspense, ghosts and demons, this movie is sure to have you leaving the theater feeling terrified of the unknown.