N-Teens discusses new volunteer opportunities


Morgan Markulin (10) signs up for volunteer opportunities during the meeting. With so many choices, members may easily find a job that they enjoy.

Lauren Davidson

On Sept. 22, the students involved in N-Teens gathered in the cafeteria for their second meeting of the year.  Many members showed up to hear about all of the new volunteer opportunities presented by Mrs. Gabrielle Rapin, Science, one of the sponsors of N-Teens.  

“There’s a lot of volunteer [work].  You can do charity work or work events like the swim meets,” Morgan Markulin (10) said.

Every meeting there are new volunteer opportunities for the members to choose and sign up for.  Since there is a variety of choices, it is not hard for students to find something that they enjoy doing.  

“They give you a wide array of choices.  You can do basically whatever you want, like work with animals at the Humane Society or you can just help teachers here,” Sneha Shathish (10) said.

There are many reasons to do N-Teens.  Whether the student joins to give back to the community or to get service hours for college, the club is always open to new members.  

“I would recommend [N-Teens] to other people because it’s fun to do and you get to help out with your school and you get to meet new people and you get to help make the world a better place,” Samantha Tugman (10) said.