Gayety’s Ice-Cream and Chocolate Shop Makes its Way to Tri-Town


Victoria New and lakecentralnews

Surrounded by shopping centers and popular hangout areas, such as Starbucks and Panera, Gayety’s Ice-cream and Chocolate Shop in Schererville is located in an ideal area for business. The new shop opened on October 29 and has been doing well so far.

“We’ve been really busy since we’ve opened. We’re open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. [The shop] has been busy almost every day, and I know it’s going to get a lot more hectic during the holidays,” Alyssa Hruskocy, manager, said.

The new Gayety’s in Schererville is not the first of its kind. In fact, it is well known in the Midwest.

“There was an original Gayety’s in South Chicago. There is also a Gayety’s in Lansing where we order our ice-cream from. Our Gayety’s is owned by Peter Manous who also owns the little kiosk in the Horseshoe Casino of Gayety’s,” Hruskocy said.

As to why the shop was opened up in Schererville, it is a simple answer: Manous felt that Gayety’s was so successful and everyone seemed to love the ice cream.

“All of our ice cream, chocolate and fudge are homemade, so it’s really good. It’s been around since 1920, and everything we offer is different than your normal Dairy Queen,” Hruskocy said.