Q&A: Emma DiPasquo (12)


Emma DiPasquo (12) models the bracelets she is selling to raise money for her mission trip. DiPasquo sold nearly 150 bracelets already.

Olivia Oster

Q: Why are you selling bracelets?

A: I am selling these bracelets for two reasons. I am selling them for eight dollars. [The first reason is] five dollars will go to Haiti and the “artists” that this company employs. This company employs men and women who are working to send their kids to school, buy a house or simply put food on their table. [The second reason is] the other three dollars will go to help fund my mission trip to Haiti. It is really killing two birds with one stone.

Q: Who makes these bracelets and how are they made?

A: These bracelets are made by Haitian locals, and are, believe it or not, recycled cereal boxes. The cereal boxes are cut into strips and wrapped around a skewer like rod and then dipped in a glaze to keep it together and get that ‘bead shape’. It’s a totally cute bracelet, eco friendly and for an awesome cause.

Q: Do you have any goals regarding selling the bracelets?

A: I was sent 150 bracelets to attempt to sell. Right now I have about 20 bracelets left. I may even order more bracelets to sell. I am very happy with how my sales are going and to see how many high schoolers are interested in such a beautiful cause.
Q: Why are you going on a mission trip?

A: I am going on a mission trip for a lot of reasons. My boyfriend’s family has always been super involved in mission trips to Haiti and I never really got it until the past year. I did a lot of research on Haiti, and read a ton of books. Just hearing the real stories about Haiti really pulled at my heart. Haitians literally live off two dollars, if that, a day. I spend more on my morning coffee. There are so many children over there that are orphans, restaveks (slaves), beaten and/or abandoned, and I just want to help. I thought since I am so blessed, why not help these people? I am very excited to actually get to Haiti and start loving on all the orphans.

Q: What inspired you to want to go on a mission trip?

A: I am going through an organization called God’s Littlest Angels. This organization has built an orphanage in Haiti and is working on expanding it. While I am down there I will be helping with the actual physical building part of it, but at the same time I will be there to love on all the orphans. I will be going either next summer or fall after I graduate. I was put on a waiting list a couple days before my senior year so whatever spot is open first I will have. I am so excited to make my small difference in the world.