LC Students Take Part in New AP Art Class

Samantha Yadron and lakecentralnews

AP Art has taught the students and the teachers about art and the value of expression.

“In art you can just put something down that you can feel. You don’t have to put it into words,” Brennan Hunt (12) said.

Hunt uses art to advance his talent and to learn about the subject.

“I am interested in developing my art form and advancing in art. I am tempted to study art on college,” Hunt said.

To learn about the subject, the artists use all types of tools.

“Students will explore a variety of new art mediums in this class. They will learn about oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolors and gouache, charcoal, ink, wax resist, computer software, pastels and scratchboard, to name a few,” Mrs. Maureen Yaeger, Art, said.

Despite the enjoyment, AP Art is time-consuming.

“According to the teacher, you are supposed to spend three hours out of class for every hour you spend in class. You need 24 pieces for the end of the year,” Hunt said.

However, the reason this class is so time-consuming is because it is so serious.

“AP Art is meant for the serious students who can’t help but be drawn in by all the art around them,” Mrs. Yaeger said.

Mrs. Yaeger is glad to teach this class because she enjoys the subject just as much as her AP students.

“I teach art because I love it and am consumed by it and want to share that with my students. I also do it to help students reach their full potential in this amazing area of life,” Mrs. Yaeger said.