Representing the class


Students listen to the year’s nominations for co-officers. There are seven students running for this position.

Morgan Grudzien

The Freshman Class Cabinet had a meeting on Friday, Oct. 2 in room C325.

“The Freshman Class Cabinet is a cool place for freshmen to come together and do cool stuff for their class,” Olivia LaVoie (9) said.

This year, they will be doing fundraisers and will be having an election for the co-officers.

“We are currently working on doing a wreath fundraising activity for the fall and then we are going to let them come up with some idea of another fundraiser that they will do in the spring.  It’s another opportunity to raise money for their class,” Mrs. Amy Rokita, Westlake, said.

The Freshman Class Cabinet is a great way to meet new friends and to represent your class.

“My favorite part [of freshman class cabinet] is being with my friends and the atmosphere in the cabinet. It’s really welcoming and I enjoy it,” LaVoie said.

The next meeting will be held on Friday, Oct. 16.  The co-officers will be elected in this meeting.