Interacting to make a change


Members of the Interact Club listen to the officers. The officers are Sarah Bredar (12), Jeccika Scialabba (12), Jovana Dodevska (12) and Duaa Hijaz (12).

Lauren Wisniewski

The Interact Club met on Oct. 7 to discuss their most recent projects. Currently, the club is selling paper pumpkins for March of Dimes, organizing the annual Food Drive and preparing for Operation Care.

“Interact’s purpose is to do community service and help out the community. It is sponsored by Rotary, and Rotary is [composed of] business people in the community who do community and worldwide service. It’s a worldwide organization and Interact is junior Rotary Club,”  Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, said.

The club does community and worldwide community service projects, such as sending care packages to families in Afghanistan and donating food items.

“We help so many of people. We help hundreds, maybe thousands, of people with the food drive.  It’s been going on since 1982 so this is our 33rd year,”  Mr. Clark said.

Interact Club meets every Wednesday for the duration of the school year. The meetings are held in room C313.

“[The best part of Interact is] just volunteering in general, helping out and knowing that we’re making a difference,” Jovana Dodevska (12) said.