Project Projections


William Morris (11) conducts the History Club meeting. Morris talked about the upcoming Smoothie King Fundraiser.

Rhea Chhokar, Author

Students gathered together on Oct. 6  to focus their energy and time on events that deal with the community and families involved in previous wars. History Club’s debuted last year, and it is still prospering today.

“If you go online, there is a website for History Club for the nation. We are the seventh school in Indiana to join. When we sent in the information about the things we have been doing, like honoring the Veterans and doing research on the ones that have died from Indiana, they were extremely impressed with what we were doing,” Mr.Tom Clark, Social Studies, said.

There are many exciting projects and events coming up in the near future. Some of these projects include expanding the Vietnam Project and the Veterans Day assembly.

“I am really excited for the Veteran’s Day assembly because it is going to open Lake Central to the community while at the same time give thanks to veterans who really deserve it,” Maria Moricz (12) said.
Being involved in History Club, allows students to connect with the community with these programs.