Just a School Apart, Pros and Cons for Couples at Different Schools

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Couples line the halls during school, but what is it like when your significant other goes to another school?

“We don’t have the typical high school drama,” Amy Herrold (11) said.

Herrold and her boyfriend have been dating for almost two years. Since they go to different schools, seeing each other is more meaningful.

“Since I don’t get to see him that often, it makes it more special, and another good thing is people aren’t always in my business,” Herrold said.

The pros of dating someone at a different school also comes the cons.

“I only get to see my boyfriend about once a week. We have totally opposite schedules,” Kaitlyn Weis (11) said.

Although most couples communicate through texts and phone calls, not seeing someone can be difficult.

“I like that I don’t have to worry about drama, but it’s not that great,” Weis said.

Everyone has their own opinions on dating far apart, but with everything comes the pros and cons.