Q&A: Evelyn Reder (11)


Evelyn Reder (11) jots down notes on the club she is developing. For the past month, Reder has been trying to win the approval of Asst. Principal Ed Beck to launch Lake Central’s first women’s empowerment club.

Emily Badger, Author

Q: What club are you trying to start?

A: I am trying to start a feminism or women’s empowerment club because I think this school lacks female empowerment. I think a lot of girls at this age try to tear each other down when we should be supporting each other and not judging each other. I want a club that’s about community and creativity rather than competition or ranking of females.

Q: What steps have you been taking to certify the club?

A: In the past month, I have written our mission statement, I have written plans on what we’re going to do for the first meeting and I’ve been talking to [Asst. Principal Ed Beck]. We have Mrs. [Amy] Day, [English], willing to sponsor us. I [also] went around and got some signatures to show Mr. Beck how many girls feel we need this club at our school.

Q: What is the mission statement?

A: We are advocating for the modern world, where all members of the population are viewed as equal. We reject misogyny and the unfair judgments and persecutions of women and other minorities. We are interested in creating non-hierarchical ways of being and making friends, art, literature and movements based on communication and understanding instead of competition or categorization. We support the shattering of gender-specific stereotypes. We welcome all who are passionate about equality and empowerment, especially any group who has ever felt oppressed.

Q: What activities have you planned for potential members?

A: We want to make zines [small, self-published works], fanzines [non-official publications produced by fans], art, read literature and watch documentaries. We want to make friends and have women feel good about ourselves.

Q: What is the club’s purpose?
A: A lot of girls think [feminism] is about hating men, [which] it’s not. I want to teach people that women in America are a little bit lower than men. We don’t want to bring men down to women’s level, we want to bring women up to men’s level. [The club will be] all about equality. There will be no hatred or judgement.