Lights, Camera, Early Action


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Jodie Hodges, Author

With Early Action deadlines coming up, students are rushing to turn in their college applications.  Most Early Action applications are due Sunday, Nov. 1, as directed by most online applications and college websites. However, guidance counselors are pushing for students to have their applications in by Wednesday, Oct. 21.

“I think the earlier the better. That just shows that you’re punctual, you follow deadlines, you get things in on time and that shows them that you will be successful at their school,” Ms. Ashley Kline, Guidance, said.

Applying early isn’t just being punctual, it also gives you a slightly better chance of getting into the school you desire.

“You have less of an applicant pool that the schools are looking at so they compare you with a less number of people,” Ms. Kline said.

By applying early, students are accepted sooner. As a result, students have more time to look into other factors of college like housing and scholarships.
“I decided to apply early to IUPUI so I could start planning ahead, and now that I’ve been accepted so early I can start making decisions for next year,” Eva Kimberly (12) said.