Demonstration in a Jar


Ms. Lauryn Beneturski, Science, pours liquid nitrogen into a pan. The pan was filled with soapy water, which formed frozen bubbles.

Morgyn McAllister, Author

Liquid nitrogen is typically hard to acquire, but thanks to Purdue University the Science Club was able to use it for their latest demonstration on Oct. 22.

“We were showing how boiling point and freezing point can affect different objects through different demos,” Mrs. Katelin Ellis, Science, said.

Mrs. Ellis and Ms. Lauryn Beneturski, Science, submerged marshmallows, ping pong balls, racquetballs, flowers, a balloon, rubber tubes, a chip can and a book in the liquid nitrogen. They “cooked” an egg and filled a teakettle with it. The nitrogen was poured into a pan filled with soapy water, which created frozen bubbles.

Mrs. Ellis is the main sponsor for Science Club, but occasionally receives help from Ms. Beneturski. Both teachers and students received the opportunity to handle the liquid nitrogen.

“[My favorite part was] freezing things and smashing them against the wall like the racquetballs,” Ms. Beneturski said.

The next Science Club meeting will be held on Nov. 12.