Lending a helping hand


N-Teens members pay attention to Winter Formal plans. A portion of the N-Teens members stayed after the original meeting in order to begin planning Winter Formal.

Gianna Mills

Among the clubs that students can participate in, N-Teens serves as a club for students to reach out to improve the community. N-Teens held a meeting in the LGI Room on Oct. 27.

“A positive aspect of N-Teens is being able to give back to your community and gaining more consideration for the people around you,” Sydnee Barrins (12) said.

The club has grown significantly over the years that it has been available to students.

“Anyone has the opportunity to volunteer through N-Teens. The club only has a $5 due and only meets twice a month. It gives you a chance to give back to your community in a positive way while making new friendships,” Barrins said.

N-Teens has given students a positive way to spend their free time, and has showed them the true value of helping the community.

“I plan on joining a similar volunteer club in college because I enjoy giving back to people who are in need,” Barrins said.

N-Teens plans Winter Formal, which will take place this upcoming January.