Five Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Less Than 10 dollars


Abby Valle, 26, dons the Red Angry Bird costume while organizing the Halloween section at the Savers thrift store in Downers Grove, Illinois, October 6, 2011. (Keri Wiginton/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

Abby Hines, Author

Year after year students are faced with a similar question during the month of October: What will I be for Halloween? Regardless of the individual’s age, there is a costume for everyone. However, finding the best one is the true challenge. More than often, the end of the month sneaks up quickly and before you know it you’re out of ideas, time and money.

  Here are ten last minute witty costume ideas that can be thrown together for less than ten dollars:

  1. Identity thief: A simple but very original five minute costume. All you will need is a package of name-tags. Just paste them all over your clothes with various names.
  2. Cereal Killer: You will need a few boxes of cereal and some red paint. Paint the boxes so it looks as if they were dripping blood and hang the boxes around your neck with some string.
  3. Nickelback: Works for a very “punny” costume for the ones familiar with the band and their music. You’ll need approximately 20 nickels and some strong tape or hot glue. Place the change evenly on the back of an old plain t-shirt. A literal nickel-back.
  4. Life of Lemons: from the saying, often used “When life hands you lemons make lemonade”. For this costume, you’ll need a white t-shirt and approximately five lemons. Just write on the shirt with a permanent marker ‘LIFE’ and carry the lemons around all night, distributing them to strangers.
  5. Skeleton: You will need a little black and white facepaint and two household t-shirts. Slice horizontal holes in the first one on the front of the shirt to make like ribs and style the black shirt underneath.

  Use this Halloween to show off your creativity and attempt to avoid the usual store-bought costume. The possibilities are endless. Most of the costumes in stores these days can easily be made at-home for less than half the price demanded in-store.