Art through the ages


Visitors admire the artwork inside the Lake Central Art Gallery. The Art Gallery opened this year.

Hannah Hill, Author

On Nov. 2, Lake Central art teachers and alumni gathered to celebrate the work of former Lake Central artists in an exhibit titled “Spanning the Decades”.

“We’ve talked about this for a long time,” Mrs. Maureen Yaeger, Art, said. “When [the administration] said, ‘Yes, you can have a room,’ we had a plan to bring in alumni work.”

The gallery contained various works and forms of art, including paintings, glasswork, charcoal drawings, oil pastels, clay pieces, jewelry and more. Pieces in this exhibit contain work from students who graduated as far back as 1988.              

“I have many [pieces of artwork] that are my favorites because they were [created by] students I’ve known and watched struggled and come out successful. I don’t really have a favorite. I love them all,” Yaeger said.

Although this gallery was specifically for alumni, the art teachers plan to have different shows displaying art from current students, the community and even middle school and elementary school artists.
“While this was an alumni show, we have great visions for this room,” Yaeger said.