Opening Up Open Mic


Kaitlyn Opperman (11) claps after Parker Danner (11) and Zachary Hansen’s (11) piece. Opperman did not perform for the crowd but came to support her friends.

Cami Wallace, Author

For the first time, students gathered into room C208 on Nov. 4 for Open Mic Club. The club was founded by Edward Halbe (12).

“I was really into slam poetry when I was younger. I was looking for competitions to do in Chicago but a lot of them were 18-21 plus, so I figured if I still wanted to do this, I should practice while I was in high school. I talked to Mr. [Darrell] Wierzal, [English], and Mr. [Richard] Lawson, [English]. Both of them gave me lots of support. I practiced for them, and eventually we thought, ‘Let’s see what anyone else thinks about it.’ We started a poetry club but then we talked about it, and we wanted to have more people do what they wanted, so we made it an open mic club,” Halbe said.

As a way of advertising, Halbe and his friends spread the word through social media and posters throughout the school.

“I saw the sign on the wall and I thought it would be fun not only to perform but to also see other people show their artistic skills. [I liked] to see all of the other of the different artsy people who aren’t involved in band, choir [or] theater to share their talent with everyone else,” Clifford Fitch (12) said.

The next meeting will be held in Mr. Lawson’s room, 9205, on Wednesday, Nov.11 at 2:15 p.m.