Handling a new language


Dominique Colantuono (9), Katelyn Mackmyk (9) and Elana Lippe (9) sign the letter “G.” They learned how to sign the alphabet during the American Sign Language Club meeting after school on Monday.

Elena Gorney, Author

After school on Nov. 10, students who wished to join the American Sign Language Club gathered in the library for the club’s first meeting.  

“[American Sign Language] is a unique club. I think I can learn a lot from it, and not only that, but I can communicate with more people,” Dominique Colantuono (9) said.

Mrs. Sarah Mayer, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Itinerant, conducted the meeting. Mrs. Mayer explained the club’s mission statement to the students, spoke with them about why they joined the club and taught them how to sign various words and phrases.

“[American Sign Language Club] seemed like something that would be fun, and it’s a different language, so why not [join the club]. [At the meeting], we reviewed the alphabet and [signing] our names, and [we] learned the signs for student and teacher,” Nina Strubing (11) said.

American Sign Language Club helps students learn the language and about Deaf culture. Students joined the club for different reasons, from wanting to learn a new language to having family members who are deaf and wishing to learn the language better.

“I have some disabled people in my family, and [American Sign Language Club] will expand my knowledge [on disabilities],” Colantuono said.

The next American Sign Language Club meeting will be held on Monday after school in the library.