Burning Calories


Hannah Gross (10) reads the thermometer for the lab during Science Club. Members had to find the temperature of the water for each food item.

Katelyn Pass

Science Club held a meeting regarding calculating the calories in different foods on Nov. 12 in room C115.

“Today’s goal was to do a chemistry unit, and so we were looking at how much energy is in food that you would eat and compared that energy to how much you need in a daily basis,” Mrs. Katelin Ellis, Science, said.

The members had to pick three food samples, and burn them using a calorimetry, which is simply placing burning food under a pop can filled with water and a thermometer. The members burned marshmallows, raisins, popcorn and cheese balls.

“My favorite part was simply just burning the different foods and seeing the outcome when [the food] finished burning,” Natasha English (10) said.

The lab visually taught members about the amount of calories in a variety of foods. Members had to record their results and compare them to the daily amount needed.

“We learned how much energy is in each food item,” Hannah Gross (10) said.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 1 in room C115.