Happy Tofurky Day


Vegetarian food options sit on display. Fresh vegetables, stuffing mix, pumpkin pie mix and Tofurky sat as options for a Thanksgiving meal.

Hannah Hill

It’s an American tradition for families to sit at a dining room table and carve into a Thanksgiving turkey. This tradition may be a little different for for vegetarians across the country.

“Traditions are definitely going to be different,” Dana Brownewell (10) said. “I won’t be able to eat as much food as I usually do, but it’s worth it.”

Vegetarians abstain from eating all meat products, which may be a little difficult to stay away from during the holiday. However, some Thanksgiving classics, such as cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and cooked vegetables, are all meat-free.

“[Some of my favorites are] mashed potatoes, green beans and sweet potatoes,” Brownewell said.

There are some classic dishes that cannot be completely replicated, but can be accommodated to vegetarians. Stuffing can be made with vegetable broth in replace of chicken broth, and Tofurky, a vegan turkey alternative, can be prepared to replace turkey.

“I plan on eating Tofurky this year,” Brownewell said.

Some new vegetarians may miss eating turkey with their family, but Brownewell isn’t one of them.

“Becoming a vegetarian was my choice, so I have no reason to be disappointed or uncomfortable because others don’t have the same feelings as I do,” Brownewell said.
Even if you are a vegetarian, it’s easy to find alternatives to your favorite classic Thanksgiving dishes.