Bullying Takes Over the Web

Alex Miskus and lakecentralnews

Cyber bullying has affected teenagers across the world, giving them the feeling of agony and helplessness. The victims sometimes feel like they have nowhere or no one to turn to for help. Mrs. Karen Bowman, counselor, gives advice on how to handle a cyber bullying situation.

“If you are getting cyber bullied, it is important to talk to parents and let people know you are getting bullied to help make people aware,” Bowman said.

 With numerous social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, the opportunity for cyber bullying is lingering with great temptations. A simple message or an instant message could change a student’s life in a negative way. Jennifer Maguire (10) speaks out about cyber bullying. 

 “Honestly, it’s so easy to fall into cyber bullying without even noticing it. There’s going to be people that you don’t like and maybe someone thinks that they’re being ‘real’ or ‘upfront’ about their issue with the person by making fun of them, but that’s not being ‘real’; it’s cyber bullying them,” Maguire said.

The advancement of technology has allowed teenagers to become more secretive about bullying by creating fake accounts in order to keep their identity safe and secure.

“Someday when they push someone to their breaking point, they’re going to see the issue with cyber bullying, but by then, it could be too late,” Maguire said.