Planning for Formal


Morgan Grudzien

On Thursday, Dec. 3, some members from N-teens gathered in Mrs. Kelsey Becich’s, English, room to help plan this year’s Winter Formal.

“We are planning the theme so far, and it’s going to be called ‘This is Our Story.’ We have also been planning the food and party favors,”Jaskiran Kaur (10) said.

The members of the committee had many reasons for wanting to plan Formal.

“I wanted to plan Formal because it sounded really fun. I went to Winter Formal last year for the first time and saw how much work the committee put into making it as amazing as it was. [I] wanted to be part of it,” Alexis Wilkes (11) said.

Planning for Formal involves a lot of work. There are many steps the members have to take together in order to get the job done.

“First of all, we give ideas for themes and then the whole club votes on their favorite theme. Also, Mrs. Becich helps a lot with the food and decorations,” Kaur said.

Being involved in Formal is more than just planning. There are many opportunities that members enjoy.

“My favorite part is getting to meet new people and how we plan this event for other people,” Kaur said.