Giving back for the holidays


Olivia Born (11), Maxwell Pattison (11) and Mr. Kania debate on whether or not they should purchase a specific product. Classes and clubs school wide participated in the Angel Tree Project.

Hanna Lutz

Mr. Robert Kania, Science, and his students took on the Angel Tree Project on Thursday, Dec. 10. Mr. Kania worked with Student Council and any other interested students that were willing to take on this massive project. This is the eleventh year that he and his students raised over $14,000 and bought presents for 96 angels.

“When he mentioned it in class, I thought it would be an interesting and proud moment to experience. Now that I am shopping for all these kids, I am proud of everything that we have accomplished,” Kayla Radtke (12) said.

The students shopped for over two and a half hours and bought 1,033 items, which came out to a total cost of $11,280. The rest of the money will be donated to Riley Children’s Hospital. Mr. Kania and his students brought the rest of the toys and clothes to the Salvation Army.

“When he talked about the idea I thought that I would be honored to participate in something like this because it’s for such a great cause and helping children in need and I thought it would be a lot of fun and be cool to be a part of,” Lily Camilleri (11) said.