The Nutcracker

Jessica Lecea and lakecentralnews

The Indiana Youth Ballet presented the play The Nutcracker at Wheeler High School this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Three students played roles in the ballet.

“The first night there was a lot of issues, and it did not go smoothly. Saturday and Sunday were a lot better,” Haley Bartolomei (12) said.

The girls had mixed emotions before going on stage for the different nights that they were performing.

“I wasn’t that nervous on Friday, because it was just preformed for kids, but Saturday was nerve wrecking, because all our friends and family was there,” Bartolomei said.

A couple of days before the play, Bartolomei injured her ankle, but that did not stop her from performing.

“I taped up and wrapped my ankle. I could not feel it because of the adrenaline,” Bartolomei said.

The turn-out of the play appeared to be large and positive.

“You cannot really see the audience when you preform because its dark, but it sounded like there was a lot of people there,” Bartolomei said.