Kyle Stancy and lakecentralnews

Every professional skateboarder has been recognized either from film or from photographs, but the man behind the camera is rarely taken into consideration. Zach Tarnow (10) is this man behind the camera in both situations. He films and takes photos of skateboarding on a daily basis.

“I like [filming skateboarders] because I get to meet new people and I become close with them. It gives me something to do; it’s something productive to do,” Tarnow said.

When it comes down to the camera, he relies on his Canon 550D to take care of both jobs.

“It’s a pretty good camera for both, because it shoots HD video, and it’s pretty easy to understand,” Tarnow said.

Tarnow used to skate but eventually quit and decided to simply film and photograph other skateboarders.

“I don’t really skate anymore, and it feels like it would be too hard to get back into, but it’s nice to still be a part of it,” Tarnow said.