Science Club digs deep


Emily Ray (12) pays attention during Dr. Parashar’s lecture. Many students joined Science Club after reading about it in the Lake Central Newsletter.

Lana Miramontes

On Jan. 14, students gathered at the Science Club meeting to listen to Guest Speaker Dr. Neeti Parashar from Purdue University. Dr. Parashar teaches Physics at Purdue and is a member of the research team that confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson subatomic particle in 2013. The lecture that she gave explained that science goes much farther than the basic protons, neutrons and electrons.

“[Dr. Parashar] is a female in science and physics which [can be] rare. It’s nice to expose members to an alternative field that they may not know about. Most science fields you think of are doctors, nurses and pharmacists, the basic ones. Dr. Neeti Parashar is doing research in physics which no one talks about in high school. Opening [high schooler’s] eyes to a whole bigger world of science that they are able to pursue can inspire their future careers,” Mrs. Katelin Ellis, Science, said.

Science Club is a place for students to further their science education and see different perspectives. Students enjoy attending the club to learn outside the standards of a normal science class.

“Today I learned that our science education is very limited and there is so much more to be learned. There are so many things beyond and much smaller than the electron that we don’t even hear about until college. I joined Science Club to further supplement my education,” Kyle Orciuch (10) said.

Besides expanding their education, Science Club is a fun environment for its members.

“I’ve always really enjoyed science and found it interesting. We do so many fun activities that it makes science class look boring,” Sydney Batinick (10) said.