Book Club Congregation


Madelyn Nohos (11) and Leslie Lopez (12) listen to members of Book Club discuss the book “Animal Farm.” Nohos and Lopez made cupcakes to bring to the meeting.

Elena Gorney

Government is a relevant topic in today’s society, and at the Book Club meeting on Jan. 14, members discussed government and socialism in relation to the book they just read, “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.

“[“Animal Farm”] is an allegory for Russian or Soviet socialism,” Mrs. Kathryn Clark, English, said.

Book Club is run by Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Elana Arens, Librarian. Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Arens started the club last school year with two students who told them they wanted to read more than what was required in class, and more members have joined since then.

“I was obsessively coming [to the library] and switching out books because I’d finish them, and I’d get like three more and do the same thing. Mrs. Arens thought [joining Book Club] would be a good idea, and it was. This is the best thing ever, it’s so much fun,” Emily Hansen (12) said.

Book Club met around five times last school year, and they have met two or three times this year. Meetings are usually held every two months, and a new book is decided on at the end of each meeting.

“I’m very glad [we] started Book Club. It’s rewarding to talk to students who like to read. Even if they don’t manage to read [the book], a lot of the time the book will get us to talk about other books we have read. I think that’s one of the things that is very rewarding about it,” Mrs. Clark said.

Anyone who would like to join Book Club can get information from Mrs. Arens or Mrs. Clark.