Student Council Get Colorful


A group of students listen to Mr. Robert Kania, Science, talk about the Color Run. The Color Run will take place on Saturday, May 14.

Kylie Thomsen, Author

Student Council had a meeting Wednesday, Jan. 20. Members gathered to talk about what events they are planning for this semester.

“Upcoming we have the Color Run. We have lot of planning to do for that. [We are] trying to figure out the logistics for it still. We are getting sponsors and, hopefully, we can generate a lot of money for Riley’s Children Hospital and scholarships for Lake Central students,” Joseph Grzybek (11) said.

The students have to go out and find sponsors. The sponsors who donate money get a banner with the company name on it.

“We are actually selling [sponsorships]. I have to go to businesses and ask them if they want to donate money,” Rilee O’Day (11) said.

In addition to getting sponsors, students also have to try and get two donations each.

“We send out some things like mailing slips to friends and family, but we’ll actually visit the businesses and they will give us checks most likely,” Joseph Grzybek (11) said.

The Color Run will take place on Saturday, May 14. People of any age can participate.

“Kids and adults can run. It’s a 5K [for adults]. For kids, it’s one mile,” O’Day said.