Finalizing Formal


As the meeting comes to an end, members listen closely. They were informed of when to be at the Halls of St. George for decorating.

Katelyn Pass, Author

With Winter Formal right around the corner, some of N-teen’s members had a meeting for final details on Wednesday, Jan. 20.

“[We discussed] the finishing touches of Winter Formal: the center pieces and the decorations,” Daryn McElroy (10) said.

Now that all of the decisions for Winter Formal have been finalized, N-teen members are excited for the dance.

“I am [excited] because last year I volunteered, and this year I actually get to attend it,” Ishika Prakash (10) said.

Since N-teens members have put a great deal of hard work into planning Winter Formal, they are expecting this year’s dance to go well and everyone to have a good time.

“I expect that everybody will enjoy everything in general. [I hope] that everything goes well. I basically expect them [N-teens] to do a good job,” Prakash said.  

Winter Formal will take place on Saturday, Jan. 23 at the Halls of St. George.