A Change of Pace


Frances Pollaro and lakecentralnews

After swimming for three years, Brian Capua (12) decided to take a different path his senior year.  Capua started to weight-lift this past year because he wanted to try something new.

“I decided to go into weightlifting because I thought it was time to see how far I could physically push myself in another sport besides swimming,” Capua said.

Capua began weightlifting due to some influence from Devin Rohrbacher (12), a former swimmer and one of Capua’s best friends.

“Even when Devin and I used to swim together, we pushed each other in the pool, now he pushes me in the gym.  He is my main influence with body building,” Capua said.

Weightlifting requires a lot of time in the gym to build the muscle needed to lift maximum amounts of weight for each lifter.

“I try my best to lift five to six days a week; I feel if I skip anymore than that, I’m only cheating myself of a day’s strength and size I could be gaining.  Weightlifting requires a lot of time and effort,” Capua said.

Capua hopes to start weightlifting competitions in about six months.