Married Couples at LC

Sam Dow and lakecentralnews

What is the difference between being at home with your spouse and at work?  LC has gained a few couples in the previous years that get to experience the home life and work life together and are willing to share the answer to this question.
“I decided to change schools, and it just worked out that way. There was an opening in the Freshmen Center,” Mrs. Roberta Harnish, Science, said.

Mr. and Mrs. Harnish have worked together at LC for 13 years. They both are in the science department and really understand each other.

“We both know exactly what each other is talking about. We could write each other’s lesson plans (for a sub) since we teach the same area.

It is easy to collaborate and exchange ideas,” Mrs. Harnish said.

Even thought things about this couple are so similar, they also have differences.

“I prefer to get out and go home right after school. She likes to stay later and work after school,” Mr. David Harnish, Science, said.

They both take work seriously, and even though they are in the same building, they do not see each other as often as one may think.

“We don’t see each other [much] during school. We even drive separately,” Mrs. Harnish said.

Working at the same place could also have its perks.

“Since I am a morning person, if she needs copies done, I could do that for her,” Mr. Harnish said.

A married couple working together could have its benefits, but in the end if you are passionate about your job it is all the same.

“We are in the same field; it wouldn’t be that different if we worked together or not,” Mrs. Harnish said.