More than just a partner


Jack Rogers (11) goes to high-five Madeline Young (12) after playing a game of ‘Simon Says.’ Rogers and Young were partners for all of the activities during the meeting.

Jessica Wojton

At this past Best Buddies meeting, the members participated in a rotation of games including ‘Red Light Green Light,’ ‘Simon Says,’ the ‘Friendship Knot’ and hula hoops.

“My favorite part of the meeting was getting to see all of the kids have fun. We played some games and it’s interesting to see all of the kids getting to choose their own games,” Anna Wachowski (11) said.

All of the members were split into four groups and each would stay at a specific station for five to ten minutes, then they would switch to the next station.

“It’s very hard to [keep the activities fresh]. Me and my officers we work together to come up with different ideas and also our advisors come up with different ideas. I actually went on Pinterest and found some activities to do that’s different. Normally we just do different activities,” Haley Rugis (12) said.

While partaking in each activity, the students are not only staying active, but also making friendships that will last for a long time.

“[The Best Buddies] meeting is about the people in here after school and they have different kinds of stuff. The [meetings are] about some friends and some students together, but it is about [togetherness] and friendship. And [the friendships] stay there forever and ever,” Austin Huber (11) said.