Fun with fungus


Mrs. Katelin Ellis, Science, begins to distribute T-shirts to Science Club members. The students planned on tie-dyeing the shirts in the future.

Gianna Mills, Author

After weeks of collecting and observing bacteria, Science Club members began to classify and identify them into different types at the meeting on Thursday, Feb. 11.

“Two weeks before Thursday, we had a meeting and we went around the school swabbing the nastiest things we could think of. For example, one of ours was the wrestling floor. We let them sit in Petri dishes to see how much bacteria had formed over the past two weeks,” Katlyn Arndt (11) said.

Members observed the bacteria under the microscopes and were assigned the task of identifying what type it was.

“There was a chart, and we had to come up with a name for [the bacteria], depending on what shape it was and how it grew in colonies,” Sydney Batinick (10) said.

The labs that Science Club includes turn science into a subject that is more easily understood when taught in a hands-on environment.

“I joined Science Club because science is one of my favorite subjects and doing all of these different labs is just a fun way to explore science hands on,” Arndt said.

Science Club will be taking a trip to Purdue University Calumet in order to further expand their knowledge on different experiments.

  “[I enjoy] the fun labs that we get to do because you don’t realize that you’re learning [and] because you’re having so much fun,” Batinick said.