New options for volunteering


Seven N-Teens members sign up for their next event to gain hours. Taylor Gibson (10) signed up to volunteer her time for the teacher appreciation valentines.

Morgyn McAllister, Author

The N-Teens members gathered on Feb. 9 to discuss teacher appreciation valentines, LCHS Swim meets, Habitat for Humanity and Winter Formal. Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English, started up the meeting by setting out the attendance sheets. At this point she also announced that their next meeting will be Feb. 23.

“I was thinking about doing the Habitat for Humanity and then Chinchilla Rescue,” Kelani Benson (10) said.

A shout-out was given to Madeline Hirschfield (12) and Cassidy Niewiadomski (12) for their hard work while organizing Winter Formal. Mrs. Becich also thanked everyone else who volunteered to help with the set-up. After Mrs. Becich went through all the announcements, she called up anyone who wanted to come and sign up for more volunteer hours.

“I just signed up for the Valentine’s Day Appreciation setup,” Ishika Parkash (10) said.