Good Smells for State


Anna Oppermann and lakecentralnews

Have you ever been sitting in second hour and started to smell something sweet? Your stomach starts growling, and your mouth starts watering. 
If you’ve experienced this phenomenon that seems to be scattering throughout the school, you know that it is about that time of the year. It is the long-awaited time in which the Theater Company sells cookies during lunch.

 “[The cookies] always smell really good, and it makes me excited to get out of class,” Madeleine Carlson (12) said.

The money raised as a result of these cookie sales goes towards theater’s annual trip to the State Theater Conference in Indianapolis.

 “We will take the money that we profit from the cookie sales and divide it evenly among the number of people we have going to State.  It will reduce the amount we have to pay in order to go,” Kyle Granskog (12) said.

The only downside to the alluring scent of chocolatey goodness is the massive line that you must wait in.

“It seems that when it comes to cookie lines, people don’t understand how to form a line. They just form this mass of people and start demanding cookies,” Kearney Fagan (11) said.