Advances in school technology


Parents take notes at the Dollars for Scholars parent meeting on Thursday, Feb. 18, in the library. At the meeting, DFS officers and school guidance counselors explained the new technological tools that the school has adopted for the upcoming school year.

Sarah Bredar, Author

Over the past few years, the Lake Central School Corporation has adopted several technological tools to incorporate not only in the classroom but at home as well. Parents have a plethora of new programs available to them, including Naviance, Canvas and the newly-adopted Skyward.

In order to help parents better understand these tools, Dollars for Scholars and the Guidance department held a parent meeting on Thursday, Feb. 18.

“Really, Guidance should be a part of all the Dollars for Scholars meetings. The reason we wanted to be a part of [this] one specifically was [because] there’s a lot of new technology that’s come out at Lake Central, and we wanted to make sure parents were aware of what all that technology does. A good example is Canvas. A lot of parents are not aware of what Canvas is [or] what it does for our students, and this was a really good opportunity for the parents to be able to log in. We even learned a few things [about our] technology, things we didn’t think about,” Mrs. Melissa Rettig, Guidance, said.

Throughout the night, parents were given the opportunity to create Canvas accounts, which they can use to track what their students are doing in class.

“We realized so many people aren’t using the different technology [we offer]. We were talking about next year, at the beginning of the year, having a meeting similar to [this] one but [open] to everyone. We [want] to talk to all the parents about how to get onto Skyward, why we are switching [from RDS] and how Naviance is used for sending transcripts and finding career paths and that sort of thing,” Mrs. Rettig said.