Preparation to success


Mohammed Hijaz (11) and Payal Bhatt (11) prepare by studying for their event. Bhatt’s events mostly consisted of biology-based information.

Ruth Chen, Author

Room 9213 was a hubbub of business on Feb. 23. Some students were discussing plate tectonics, others were constructing an airplane and still others were busy studying. Despite the various activities going on at once, the Science Olympiad members gathered together with a single common goal to prepare for Regionals.

“[We are looking forward to] success at Regionals and the ability to go to the State competition. Regionals is no different than any other competition. It is slightly more challenging than other invitationals. It is not quite as hard as State, and it is the first competition to count toward our success as a team,” George Gunderlach (10) said.

Because each event is individualized, the members form groups to prepare for each event.

“There are 23 different events and my events are anatomy and physiology, cell biology, experimental design and protein bonding. I’m doing more of the biology categories. I’m preparing by studying, going through notes, collaborating with other people and comparing what they have versus what I have [and] going through old tests. We go on computer programs to look at other things,” Payal Bhatt (11) said.

Compared to study events, experimental events are more hands-on and require more time in school to prepare.

“For experimental events, I have to put together an experiment and record data about it and analyze it. I do that with my partners to practice the process,” Madelyn Ackerman (12) said.

The arduous process of preparing for Regionals will hopefully pay off.

“I’m looking forward to Regionals because I’ve been doing Science Olympiad since seventh grade and it has been very fun. Regionals is a time to show what you can do and show what you’ve been working on all season and move on to State,” Bhatt said.